Davivienda Investment Advisor USA

Why you should invest

Management, Tax Efficiency, Liquidity

We manage your portfolios using models designed by BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset management firm**. To achieve the highest fiscal efficiency, portfolios are built with UCITS ETFs that accumulate profits. UCITS ETFs are registered in Europe; therefore, they provide important tax benefits for investors who do not reside in the U.S. Moreover, the investor can withdraw money without any type of restriction or cost.

Disclaimer: Please note that tax implications can vary based on individual circumstances and residency. While UCITS ETFs may offer tax benefits in certain cases, they are not universally applicable to all non-U.S. residents. We strongly advise consulting with a tax professional to understand the specific tax implications relevant to your personal situation.

Although most of us would agree the best long-term strategy would be to invest globally, at least 60% of Latin Americans have more than two thirds of their savings in cash. We offer a diversified strategy. Throughout history, we see repeatedly confirm that asset class selection is the outmost contributor to overall portfolio performance.

**At our discretion, we may elect to deviate from any models provided by BlackRock.

The problem with asset concentration

A common issue in investment strategies, including those observed in various regions such as Latin America, is the tendency for some investors to concentrate their assets in a single country or asset type. This approach can lead to several risks, irrespective of the investor's geographical location. Concentrating investments in one area or type can result in high volatility, increased uncertainty, unstable returns, and, in some instances, reduced liquidity. Diversifying investments across different types of assets and regions is a recommended strategy to mitigate these risks and create a more stable investment portfolio.

Diversification is the solution

Diversification is the most efficient way to reduce portfolio risk by investing in assets that are not highly correlated with each other.

The main goal is to improve the relationship between risk and return.